EU, OLAF, BRUSSELS, 7 Nov. 2019, Meeting of the Fraud Prevention Group


OLAF investigates fraud against the EU budget, corruption and serious misconduct within the European institutions, and develops anti-fraud policy for the European Commission.

This group provides a forum for national authorities and the Commission to share experience and best practice in areas such as:

Fraud risk assessment
Fraud typology
National/sectoral fraud prevention strategies, policies and measures
How managing, certifying and audit services contribute to fraud prevention and detection
How IT is used to track potential fraud cases and identify risks
Awareness raising & training of desk officers, financial bodies and auditors
Twinning projects & activities funded by the Hercule programme
Anonymised case studies.
This group may address issues involving EU funds (European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF), Agriculture Funds, Fisheries Funds, Asylum and Migration Funds, …).

This group brings together national authorities responsible for reporting on fraud and irregularities and a number of Commission services, and deals with:

The Commission’s Annual Report on the protection of the EU’s financial interests (also known as the “PIF-Report” or the “Article 325 TFEU-Report”); prepared annually in cooperation with the Member States.
The sectoral irregularity reporting provisions
The Irregularity Management System (IMS)
Statistical analysis of reported irregularity cases

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